Why you need a Corporate Kit and which one should you get?

Imagine you are a corporate officer who has a meeting with a potential client, and as a representative of the corporation you are expected to present documents pertaining to your corporation, and you end up with documents in your hands and all you can do is sorting and shuffling through the documents and put the whole meeting environment at unease. Well, as a corporate kit service, we at Mark’s Corpex make sure that you never run into such a situation, and we offer tailored made corporate kits that can meet your corporate needs.

Why do you need a Corporate Kit?

You need a Corporate Kit so you can organize all the documents in efficient and formal way for the corporation and share with the partners and most relevant information with potential investors

Corporate Kit

When a business or corporation is being formulated, a meeting with key stakeholders is held about how the new corporation will work. For that purpose, board of directors and corporate officers are appointed and most often they have to buy a corporate kit. A request is made by the attorney of the company that provides legal assistance and guidance regarding paperwork and company details. All corporate officers wo represent a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), having a corporate kit means that you can look professional and can organize your files in an orderly manner. You can think of a corporate kit as a record book that contains all the information in one place. Mark's Corpex offers standard corporate kits and also gives you the option of customized corporate kits which are tailored to your aesthetics and requirements.

Can anyone ask you for corporate kit?

Although this is not a requirement but interested parties can request to ask for corporate kit. For example, interested parties can be following

  • Corporation’s bank
  • Accountant of corporation
  • Potential investors

As stated, corporate kit is also taken as a record book of the corporation, so it can be produced for compliance upon request, provided it contains all the required and up to date information of the corporation.

What’s included in Corporate Kit

A corporate kit is a top quality three-ring binder that you can use to keep work documents. As a corporate representative, you can keep articles of incorporation, minutes of meetings, corporate seal that you can use on front of corporate kit, operating agreement, and sales contracts. In short, a corporate kit binder can keep all the records that are related to formation and organization of your corporation. A corporate kit generally costs from $50 to $300 and at Mark’s Corpex, we offer different choices alongside customized add-ons for you specific needs.

What Mark’s Corpex offers

Mark’s Corpex offers a wide range of products that you can choose from. Corporate Kits, Certificates, Company Seals, Estate Planners, Binders only, and other miscellaneous items. We take pride in corporate kits that we offer.

Custom Corporate Seal

At Mark’s Corpex, we truly understand the importance of corporate seal. That’s why we offer gold seal engraving. Our corporate seals are standard round graphic which includes your corporation name, year of incorporation, and state of incorporation. A corporate seal on the spine is what makes a statement even before you put it on a table!

Mark’s Corpex Complete Standard Kit

Mark’s Corpex Complete Standard Kit is ready to use with pre-printed forms. You can give your corporation’s name and Mark’s Corpex will engrave it in standard and aesthetic gold on the spine.

Besides smooth and crisp papers, it has a lot more to offer as it comes in black and burgundy colors with the same color holder box. Mark’s Corpex corporate kits are built with environment friendly materials for durability so they can last for a long time. Besides, we offer customization as well, so you have the option to add extra characters, extra custom clauses, designation, and signature titles.

Mark’s Corpex Complete Econoline Kit

Mark’s Corpex Complete Econoline Kit is another customizable kit option for corporations. It has two inside pockets, and its Vinyl Binders are created with premium quality vinyl. It also embosses corporation name in gold on the spine and inside the label holder of corporate kit. Mark’s Corpex Complete Econoline Kit comes in four dynamic colors: burgundy, black, brown and blue. You can customize this kit as you have the option to add extra characters, extra custom clauses, designation, and signature titles.

100 Sheet White Minute Book Paper

Mark’s Corpex also offers Minute White Book Paper, so if you don’t want to go with corporate kit and just interested in noting minutes of meetings and corporate resolutions, then this should be your choice. It comes with standard 100 quality minute book paper and you can make a choice between 3-hole and 5-hole round hole punch.

The paper in standard kit provides enough feedback as the paper is smooth and glossy so whether you are using ink pen or ball point, writing doesn’t feel coarse. And if you are using pencil just to scribble some notes on the sidelines, the experience is even pleasant. If you use dry ink pens, then you can write worry-free without worrying about feathering.

Why Mark’s Corpex

Mark’s Corpex takes pride in serving your corporation with corporate kits and other essentials. We have a track record of serving our clients for years in all states. All you need to do is visit Mark's Corpex and place your order. To make it easier for you, Mark’s Corpex offers all the customization options on order placing page so you can make a better choice. Let Mark’s Corpex be your choice for the next corporate kit!  

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